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Event #1578: March 23-24, 2013 - Homestead-Miami Speedway, Homestead, FL

Sorry, pre-registration is now closed.
At-track signups will be available in most groups for qualified drivers; please inquire.
Also please CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS EVENT'S INFO PAGE for all related details.

Hello, you have found the info & pre-registration page for NASA FL's spring 2013 event at Homestead Miami Speedway! We will be offering a Hyperdrive, all four levels of HPDE, time trial, competition license evaluation, and double sprint roadracing. We are using the “club” course configuration [w/T10 cut-thru.] ALL DRIVERS PLEASE READ ALL OF THE IMPORTANT NOTES BELOW BEFORE REGISTERING!

EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT SPECIAL: Registration will open a week before the usual timeframe (two months prior) and a discount of at least 10% will be offered during that week only. This discount will only apply to full weekend registrations, not single-day signups or supersize entries or Hyperdrives. For this event the early registration prices will be $359 for HPDE/TT or $269 for racing. Note: there is no way to retroactively apply this discount after two months prior.

NEW PARTICIPANT SPECIAL: We have a limited number of "$100 off" coupon codes for new participants! You must be entirely new to NASA, although you don't need to be a novice - the discount is good for any run group, but is only good for $100 off a full weekend (two day) registration and a NASA membership when purchased simultaneously. Please contact Jon Felton ASAP to get your coupon code, supplies are limited. Note: these must be requested BEFORE you register, there is no way to retroactively apply 'em after you have already gotten a membership or signed up for an event.

HYPERDRIVE: This takes place on Saturday and is a classroom session plus one HPDE1 equivalent track session with an instructor riding along. It is intended for those new to the sport - it is our cheapest & easiest way to get on track at speed. You do not have to be a NASA member to participate in the Hyperdrive, but spaces are very limited. When you get to the membership screen while registering for a Hyperdrive, the system will allow you to click continue to bypass this default screen.

HPDE1 Beginner/novice drivers: An instructor is automatically assigned to you so please do not choose the instructor option below. Passing in HPDE1 is allowed on designated straightaways with a point-by, safely.

HPDE2 Novice Solo drivers: You are not assigned an instructor but your experience will be verified. Please make sure the event history in your nasaproracing.com profile is updated and current. Passing in HPDE2 is allowed on designated straightaways with a point-by, safely.

HPDE3 Intermediate drivers: You are not assigned an instructor but your experience will be verified and must be significant. Please make sure the event history in your nasaproracing.com profile is updated and current. Passing in HPDE3 is allowed anywhere anytime with a point-by, safely.

HPDE4 Advanced Drivers: You are not assigned an instructor but your experience will be verified and must be very significant. Please make sure the event history in your nasaproracing.com profile is updated and current. Passing in HPDE4 is allowed anywhere anytime without a point-by, safely.

MOVING UP IN HPDE: This is done via "check rides" and/or "lead/follow" sessions with instructors. Some are automatically assigned (i.e. if you are new to NASA) but most are requested in the 'additional comments' field when you register, or by emailing Jon. You will need to do the full weekend, not just one day, if you need a check ride for whatever reason, whether you requested it or we determined that it was necessary. This is because we often don't have time to get all the scheduled rides done on the very busy first day of the event. Also so you may be evaluated again on day 2 in the faster group if necessary.

INSTRUCTORS: You must be NASA certified or equivalent. If you have not instructed with NASA FL before, please contact Luis Jimenez for clearance before registering. Your entry will automatically go into HPDE4 unless you specifically select "Instructor TT" below.

TIME TRIALERS: You must have an AMB transponder and a current NASA TT license. Passing in TT is allowed anywhere anytime without a point-by, safely.

RACERS: You must have an AMB transponder, a current NASA competition license, and a car with a current NASA logbook. Licenses are valid from Jan 1 to Dec 31 and you must have a 2013 NASA license for this event which you can renew online by logging in and going to your NASA profile. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A NASA LICENSE PLEASE CONTACT JON FELTON BEFORE REGISTERING TO RACE as per this thread on nasaforums.

SUPERSIZE: The discounted "Supersize TT" option is for licensed racers to double their track time on top of an existing full weekend race group entry. Licensed racers may Supersize and also run in TT or HPDE4 all weekend. Please specify which you are signing up for in the admin comments, or email Jon. Note: if you are a TT'er and you would like to supersize into HPDE3 or HPDE4, instead please select Double Down below.

DOUBLE DOWN: New in 2013 for intermediate and advanced HPDE drivers, the "Double Down" is a specially discounted supersize offer meant to maximize the amount of time you spend on track. For a flat rate you will get your choice of all the usual sessions in two different run groups all weekend long. You can run in TT and HPDE4, HPDE4 and HPDE3, or HPDE3 and HPDE2 (all normal qualifications and rules for each run group shall apply.) Tentatively that means your choice of more than FIVE-AND-A-HALF HOURS of scheduled track time total, spread across SIXTEEN track sessions! Please list which two groups you would like to run in via email to Jon or as an additional comment when you register for Double Down below.

COMP EVAL: We may offer a Competition Evaluation and Licensing program at this event - quite simply, attending one of these is how you get a NASA racing license. You must be pre-cleared by Jon to enter (please submit a detailed driving history with at least a few weekends in the advanced HPDE levels or direct equivalent.) You must have a 2013 logbooked racecar and all related gear. You must submit all licensing paperwork including a current medical AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. You will get track time in HPDE4 as well as the Racing run group. Please click here for more info about comp eval. Again please do not sign up for comp eval without being cleared by Jon first.

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Qualifications, experience, and licensing as necessary will be verified for all entrants in HPDE2, HPDE3, HPDE4, TT, Comp Eval, and Racing. Please make sure the event history in your nasaproracing.com profile is updated and current. If you have any questions about which group you should be in, please contact Jon before registering. If you are new to NASA (nationally or regionally) you will need to do both days at your first event for evaluation purposes. Once you register for anything listed below, you will immediately receive a purchase confirmation receipt by e-mail which also indicates you have been accepted into the event. Within a week of the event, you will receive further instructions via email including the tentative schedule and entry list, this information will also be posted at www.drivenasafl.com . It is the entrant's responsibility to find, read, and understand all this information. Entry list changes/updates will be accepted via email at no charge until 6pm on the Wednesday prior to the event; after that, they must be done at the track and will incur a $25.00 change fee.

CAR NUMBERS: You will need to provide your own car numbers. Enter 3 DIFFERENT number selections in each box provided, i.e. your preferred number and two that are similar, for adjustment with tape or vinyl. For example if you want to be car #23, put "23, 123, 231" or similar in the boxes - not "2, 3". Your assigned car number will be your first choice unless we inform you otherwise. Unique 3-digit numbers are recommended. Having a zero (0) as your first digit is not recommended. We will have number/graphic vinyl service at the track for those who want or need numbers.

ENTRY FEES: Current NASA membership required for all on-track activities except Hyperdrive. Fees allow for a 2-day weekend rate or Saturday-only rate as available below, although we reserve the right to limit 1-day entries and if you want/need a check ride or if you are new to NASA FL, you must register for both days. If a choice is missing or listed as "currently full" below, please email Jon to get on the waiting list. Otherwise please choose carefully or check with Jon before registering if you have questions. Online registration closes whenever it fills up or no later than noon on the Thursday prior to the event. Add $50.00 late fee for any registration accepted after this deadline. At-track registrations will be available to qualified drivers for any run group in which there is space.

HPDE/TIME TRIAL/SCHOOL/OPEN TRACK/TEST & TUNE/COMP EVAL/PRACTICE DAY/HYPERDRIVE CANCELLATION POLICY: Full credit or refund less a $30.00 processing fee, with at least 1 week notice prior to the start of the event (i.e. midnight on the Friday prior), otherwise no refunds or credits. Once the car goes on track all fees are non refundable. Discounted season pass entries are only eligible for credits not refunds. No exceptions.

RACE GROUP CANCELLATION POLICY: Full credit or refund less a $30.00 processing fee, provided that you registered at least 12 days before the start of the event and you notify your NASA region within 5 days following the missed event. No partial refunds allowed. This policy does not apply to special events. Once the car goes on track all fees are non refundable. Discounted season pass entries are only eligible for credits not refunds. No exceptions.

***Cancellation requests are only accepted in writing and must be sent to Jon Felton (jfelton@drivenasa.com) as per our cancellation policy which you automatically agree to when you register.***

RENTAL TRANSPONDERS AND RENTAL HELMETS: A limited number of rental transponders and rental helmets may be available, but only if reserved in advance. Cost for a rental transponder is $100.00 per event plus a $450.00 deposit, cost for a rental helmet is $20.00 per event plus a $200.00 deposit. Please contact Jon ASAP to arrange rentals. Deadline for rental requests is 6pm on the Monday prior to the event.

CONVERTIBLES: Cars without a normal fixed/permanent roof in Hyperdrive, HPDE, and TT must have factory installed roll-over protection, or 4-point roll bar that meets NASA specs. Please contact Jon before registering if you are planning to bring any convertible with factory roll-over protection.

FINE PRINT: All drivers on track are responsible for any track damage that is the result of their actions on or off the track and will be financially responsible for repair/replacement of damaged track property. Please contact NASA FL director Jon Felton with all questions and concerns related to this event at jfelton@drivenasa.com . Thanks and see you at the track!


Florida Region


club course



Event Type:

Racing Officials Transponder Rental HPDE 3 HPDE 1 HPDE 2 HPDE 4 Time Trial 1 Extra Session SupersizeTT Comp License Eval MISC Product Hyperdrive Instructor_TT Waiting List Instructor. Double Down


PTB PTC PTD PTE Spec Miata Super Unlimited CMC American Iron American Iron Xtreme Factory Five Challenge HPDE4 (Lic. Test) 944 Cup 944 Spec Transponder Honda Chal 1 Honda Chal 2 Honda Chal 3 Honda Chal 4 Honda Chal 5 GTS1 GTS2 GTS3 ThunderRoadster GTS4 GTSU TTC TTD TTE TTF TTG 944 SuperCup Hyperdrive TT3 TTB Pit & Grid Trophy Girl GTS5 American Iron Vintage TT1 Honda Chal Unlimited TTU PTF Extra Session(s) HPDE-1 HPDE-2 HPDE-3 HPDE-4 Super Touring 2 Super Touring 1 CMC2 TT2 Group Leader Tech SpecE30 Spec3 Showroom Spec Miata STR1 Timing & Scoring Spec 986 Instructor Spec Z Super Touring 3 STR3 Double Down


Not yet available, please check back later

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Double Down