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August 30-31, 2014
Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA
September 6- 7, 2014
Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL
September 6- 7, 2014
Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL
September 6, 2014
Washington Circuit, Summit Point, WV
September 6- 7, 2014
Millington Regional Jetport, Millington, TN
September 13-14, 2014
Kansas Speedway, Kansas City KS
September 20-21, 2014
Pueblo Motorsports Park, Pueblo, CO
September 20-21, 2014
NOLA Motorsports Park, Avondale LA
September 20-21, 2014
Portland International
September 20-21, 2014
NOLA Motorsports Park, Avondale LA
September 26-28, 2014
Miller Motorsports Park, SLC, UT
September 26-28, 2014
Watkins Glen International
October 3- 5, 2014
Virginia International Raceway, Alton, VA
October 4- 5, 2014
Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, FL
October 4- 5, 2014
Buttonwillow Raceway, Buttonwillow, CA
October 11-12, 2014
INDE Motorsports Ranch
October 31- 2, 2014
Targa California
November 1- 2, 2014
Daytona International Speedway, Daytona FL
November 6- 9, 2014
Sonoma Raceway (Infineon)

Event #1723: February 15-16, 2014 - Barber Motorsports Parkway, Leeds, AL

After a 5 year absence, the Mid South regions first event of our fourth season is the long awaited return to Barber Motorsports Park.

Back to Barber early bird sign up special
(good through December 31) = $399
On Janurary 1 and if there are any spots remaining, the price increases to $449

Registration options for participants include: Racing, Time Trials, HPDE 1-4, Transponder Rental, Supersize for those racers who also wish to participate in Time Trials, Tech Inspection, Instructors, Officials, and Waiting List.

If your option is full and you wish to be put on the waiting list, choose your desired option and we will contact you if something opens up due to a cancellation.

For HPDE1, an instructor will be assigned to you. There is no area to request an instructor on this event registration page. If you would like to be assigned a particular instructor that you know will attend this event, please email Shawn Taylor at staylor@drivenasa.com .

For any questions regarding registration, please email Pam at midsouth@drivenasa.com .

Thank you for supporting the Mid South region.


Mid South Region


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Racing Officials Transponder Rental Competition School HPDE 3 HPDE 1 HPDE 2 HPDE 4 Time Trial Legends Instructor SupersizeTT Vintage Instructor_TT Waiting List Instructor. Tech Inspection


HPDE4 PTB PTC PTD PTE Spec Miata Super Unlimited CMC American Iron American Iron Xtreme Legends Competition License Instructor 944 Spec Transponder Honda Chal 1 Honda Chal 2 Honda Chal 3 Honda Chal 4 Honda Chal 5 GTS1 GTS2 GTS3 ThunderRoadster GTS4 GTSU FFR TTC TTD TTE TTF TTG TTH TT3 TTB Pit & Grid Trophy Girl Sports Racers GTS5 TT1 TTU PTF Volunteer HPDE-1 HPDE-2 HPDE-3 HPDE-4 Super Touring 2 Super Touring 1 TT2 Group Leader Tech Admin SpecE30 Spec3 Showroom Spec Miata STR1 Timing & Scoring Spec 986 Instructor. Annual- Race Car Annual TT Car V1 V2 V3 V4 Spec Z Super Touring 3 STR3 Spec Iron

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