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Register #2053: Apr 30th - May 3rd, 2015

Mazda Race of NASA Champions

Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca

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Event Rules V8.0


The Mazda Race of NASA Champions will be held April 30th – May 3rd at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.


To register for this event you must have won your class at the 2014 NASA Eastern States Championships or 2014 Western States Championships. Participants must hold a current NASA competition license and membership. In addition, drivers must apply for a SCCA Pro racing license,  which will be $0 and expedited handling will be offered to entrants.

Entry Fee/Details

The entry fee for the event is $1500.  Entry Deadline is Midnight PST Friday April 3rd.  This event will be limited to the first 40 drivers who sign up. All entries are date/time stamped. Sign up here:

Cancellation Policy

Refund minus $100 processing fee will be given through Monday March 30th. No refunds or credits will be given after March 30th. No exceptions. 


The cars will be identically prepared Skip Barber MX-5s. Cars will be assigned to the driver by NASA. Drivers will be paired two to a car using height/weight to best accommodate everyone’s needs during the qualification format of the event. Should you move on as a finalist, you will be the sole driver of your vehicle during the rest of the event.


You will sign a legal agreement, which will make you responsible to pay for any damage to the vehicle. Skip Barber offers a fantastic Damage Reduction program for an additional cost that you should consider.  The damage liability form can be found HERE. 


Time: TBA per the schedule

SCCA Pro Meeting Location: TBA per the schedule

NASA Meeting Location: NASA Driver Central (Facility Map will be posted closer to the event). 


You may run your personal sponsor livery provide it is submitted to NASA and approved by April 15th. For livery placement availability, please email Will Faules 


This is an elimination style event where each driver needs to earn a spot in qualifying to advance into the race. Drivers will be paired, two per car. Drivers sharing cars will be paired with a similar height and weight as closely as possible to minimize changes to the car between drivers and to minimize performance changes.

Drivers will be divided into two groups; A and B.

Each group will have its own warm up and qualifying sessions. The top 9 from each qualifying session move to the Championship qualifying rounds and Championship race. Two wildcars spots will be available if equipment allows.  Race grid will be set by fastest to slowest in the final 2 qualifying rounds.

Drivers that do not finish high enough in qualifying to earn a seat in the race will be refunded $750.00 by May 8th, 2015.

Thursday Test Day (Tentative)

Session 1 - Group A Practice

Session 2- Group B Practice

Session 3- Group A Qualifying- (sorted by fast to slow from A Practice) Top 9 move on to the Championship Race Group.**

Friday Practice Day(Tentative)

Session 1- Group B Qualifying- (sorted by fast to slow from B Practice). Top 9 move on to the Championship Race Group.**

 **Wildcard- The 10th fastest qualifier in group A and B qualifying will move to the Championship Race Qualifying should 2 cars be in operating condition. If only one is viable, the faster time will earn the spot.

 Session 2- Championship Race Qualifying 1

 Session 3- Championship Race Qualifying 2. MX-5 qualifying is 30 minutes in length broken into three 10 minute segments. MRONC  drivers will qualify in the 3rd 10 minute segment.

 Sunday Race Day (Tentatively schedule to end at 10:45am)

 Session 1- Feature Mazda Race Of NASA Champions 

 Grand Finale Race

The final grid will be based on your best time from either of the Championship Race Qualifying 1 or 2 sessions. Race length is TBD. 


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Registration is closed for this event!