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Register #2504: December 31, 2017 - December 31, 2018

2018 NASA Prototype Series Decal Package


The sticker/patch package includes:

1ea 13" Hood "Elan"
2ea 9"   Rear Pod "Elan"
1ea 13" Hood "NASA"
2ea 9" Rear Pod "NASA"
1ea 9" Rear "NASA"

2ea Front Fender "Toyo Tires"
2ea Rear Pod "Toyo Tires"
2ea Rear Wing "NP01"
2ea Side Pod "Mazda"

2ea Side Number Boards 12x14
2ea Number Sets for Number Board
2ea Side Pod "NP"

The above are available as a set in black or white. Select which color you'd like below.  The car # you have list here will be used to supply your numbers.

1ea NASA Patch
1ea Toyo Patch

2ea of following

The address in your profile will be the address used for shipping. Please check for accuracy. 

Ground shipping will be used. If you need the package delivered quicker or need to use a different address, please contact Dave Ho at the National Office. 510-232-6272

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