National Auto Sport Association

Register #2573: Mar 27th, 2017

NJMP- Advanced Training

New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning

This Advanced Training Day will consist of track sessions and classroom sessions.  Each group level will have a different agenda for classroom material so please register at your appropriate level. Racers and Time trialers should use line labelled "Advanced". Topics below are just a part of what will be included.  Lunch will be provided for all drivers. Roger Caddell, AIM Sports National Training Manager  and Andrew Wikstrom, private coach and expert in suspension analysis  will be on hand conducting class sessions.  Each group size will be limited and when full will go to a wait list option.
-  The appropriate Line
-  Early and Late Apex
- Oversteer, Understeer and Corrections
- Trail Braking, Throttle Steering
- Heel/Toe
HPDE3 - 4
- Trail  Braking, Throttle Steering
- Weight Transfer
- Slip Angles
-Handling and suspension adjustments
-advancing to Time Trial, Wheel to Wheel  or Instructor Training
- Side by Side  drills
- intro to Data Acquisition (AIM)
Advanced (Racers/Time Trial)
-AIM intro
-Analyzing data
-Suspension  and Tires
-Race strategy
-Physical conditioning

If you have questions please feel free to contact Joe  973-900-7272. Any volunteers should contact Joe or Suzan to register by phone or email.

Registration is closed for this event!