National Auto Sport Association

Register #2600: Nov 4th - 5th, 2017

NJMP Lightning Nov 4-5 "One Last Chance"

New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning

NJMP Lightning-  One Last Chance !!  Saturday- Sunday  November 4- 5 

HPDE only.   Special pricing for this weekend!! 

HPDE1 , HPDE2 and HPDE3  closed for both days.

A few spots in HPDE4.

Use wait list to be called if a spot opens.

 Please choose registration based on your experience.

       HPDE1  Novice-  No experience or very limited experience. Instructors assigned.  

       HPDE2  Multiple days/events. Cleared to Solo. 

       HPDE3 Multiple Track days at different tracks

       HPDE4 Advanced 20+ track days with open passing  

You may choose a car number when you register and we will notify you if it needs to change. 2 or 3 digit numbers are better choices. Numbers can be done in tape or we sell adhesive numbers at registration.  

Gates open for drop off FRI  6pm-10pm, Overnight camping is permitted.

Hyperdrives will be available on both days at lunchtime. Bring a friend or spouse to give it a try- $50 for classroom and one session with instructor.

Registration and Tech at 7am.

Detail info will be emailed about 7-10 days before event.

Convertibles MUST have fixed roll bars, no pop ups. Full face helmets required for convertibles.

Registration is closed for this event!