National Auto Sport Association

Entry List for #2861: Sep 12th - 16th, 2018

NASA Championships at COTA

Circuit of the Americas

List by Group
DriverRegion ClassCarCar #Tx #Reg Time
Steve BrewsterGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 94448404429218 Apr 14:00
Marcelo VineCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944959629906 Apr 22:56
Tara BrewsterGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 944919940645412 Apr 19:28
Sean FoltzGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 94459265193628 Apr 12:21
Darren GriffithArizona Region944 SpecPorsche 9447160889925 May 23:14
John PerkinsSoutheast Region944 SpecPorsche 944641167808430 May 18:00
Phillip AsteinArizona Region944 SpecPorsche 94425718845231 May 16:19
Shawn TaylorMid South Region944 SpecPorsche 944817060558913 May 15:51
Michael CooperGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 944 SPEC10875242906 Apr 16:04
Norman HamdenArizona Region944 SpecPorsche 944 SPEC99009645006 Apr 18:57
Shane DenneyGreat Lakes Region944 Specporsche 94457568960230 Apr 20:09
Phil HansonTexas Region944 SpecPorsche 944 240721148313 May 00:57
Christopher SimmonsMid South Region944 SpecPorsche 944521558343627 Jun 21:51
Jeff WojnarArizona Region944 SpecPorsche 94456074429630 May 19:11
2S463: TSB RacingCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 94442146002829 Aug 08:48
Dan PinaGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 94449703858930 Jun 00:41
Michael ClarkGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 94492373351703 Aug 06:42
Thomas AtteberryCalifornia- Southern Region944 Specporsche 94419554959606 Apr 09:18
Charles BuzzettiCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 924s 02071872806 Apr 09:26
Marcos A. RodriguezFlorida RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang70005327207 May 22:50
Corey WeberCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang47138318828 Apr 16:39
Max PanchukCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang72694022606 Apr 16:12
Joe BogetichRocky Mountain RegionAmerican IronChevrolet Camaro65016347906 May 16:15
Tom HaackerCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang1808 Aug 01:45
Ryan WaltonCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang54037938906 Apr 19:20
2S610: Ace MotorsportsCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican Ironford mustang14408356516 Apr 21:28
Bruce ByerlyFlorida RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang FR500S77435454306 Apr 22:31
Daryl StaehleCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang GT75584172108 Apr 02:27
Billy GriffinFlorida RegionAmerican Ironford mustang814433425129 Apr 20:00
Jeff LindstromFlorida RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang Cobra168054006630 Apr 19:41
Justin KellyCentral RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang 55001 May 02:23
Michael LaPagliaCalifornia- Northern RegionAmerican IronFord Boss 302S88319562303 Jul 20:52
Bert Withers Jr.Texas RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang35902826419 Jul 00:21
Todd DavisGreat Lakes RegionAmerican IronBuick Grand National369608466731 May 21:30
Ted JohnsonCentral RegionAmerican IronChevrolet Camaro Z-2821133655730 Apr 13:06
Patrick WehmeyerFlorida RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang9599612707 Apr 00:33
Rob CapetzCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Boss s Mustang19346234830 Apr 03:13
Leo OvergaagCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang 97860368705 May 13:13
Dennis TankerTexas RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang GT9806040704 Jun 15:09
AJ HartmanNortheast RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang GT24361791329 Jun 11:27
Michael PattersonTexas RegionAmerican IronChevy Camaro Z2884953906 Apr 16:16
Stuart MargolTexas RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang GT218741827506 Apr 16:22
Cody PowellRocky Mountain RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang2228 Apr 14:20
Craig McCormickTexas RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang65123359930 May 16:38
Mark SmithTexas RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang328598355106 Apr 11:18
Dustin CornellMid Atlantic RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang*07552043231 May 19:31
Bill DaffronCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican Iron XtremeFord Mustang8828652301529 Aug 17:43
Billy GriffinFlorida RegionAmerican Iron Xtremeford mustang815609120907 Sep 21:12
Paul FaesslerGreat Lakes RegionAmerican Iron Xtremeford mustang1125250005 May 04:35
Robert ShawSoutheast RegionAmerican Iron XtremeFord Cobra22308674906 Apr 12:17
2S1033: Rattlesnake Electric Sport - AIX (RES-AIX)California- Northern RegionAmerican Iron XtremeAMC Javelin999946360301 May 05:28
Michael MostyTexas RegionCMCFord Mustang Coupe11029922430 Apr 14:46
Randy EnglishRocky Mountain RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro77618259201 May 02:18
Robert SalusGreat Lakes RegionCMCPontiac Firebird24441412931 May 19:21
2S108: Incidental ContactRocky Mountain RegionCMCFord Mustang LX8345264006 Apr 15:32
Bryan LeinartTexas RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro24613465901 May 03:24
John MartinTexas RegionCMCFord Mustang07451348631 May 14:51
Kevin JanderTexas RegionCMCFord Mustang GT63457802207 Apr 15:03
Heather SanchezTexas RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro Z2899170932228 Apr 12:56
Pranav PatelTexas RegionCMCChevy Camaro51938912806 Apr 17:39
Derek WrightGreat Lakes RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro913472584024 Apr 00:21
2S328: Team JordanTexas RegionCMCFord Mustang55252198801 May 00:57
Bob DentonGreat Lakes RegionCMCPontiac Firebird67070639530 Apr 10:47
Joshua SooknananTexas RegionCMCFord Mustang50380833116 Apr 11:45
Bill AghaTexas RegionCMCFord Mustang75523028606 Apr 10:30
Bryan CurtisRocky Mountain RegionCMCchevy camaro34117619029 Apr 22:23
Daniel AllfordTexas RegionCMC Chevy Camaro82TX825413601 May 13:45
David FrancisTexas RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro39888118430 Apr 19:54
Tyler GardnerTexas RegionCMCPontiac Firebird13529063128 Apr 10:06
Harry VoigtRocky Mountain RegionFun RunMazda Miata121898929903 Aug 16:06
Matt Million (TMC)California- Southern RegionFun RunMazda Spec MX548607207903 Aug 17:16
Noah GreyCalifornia- Northern RegionFun RunMazda Spec MX512230461608 Aug 19:37
Thomas MartinTexas RegionFun RunMazda Spec MX-506339951902 Aug 21:15
Doug YoungRocky Mountain RegionGTS2BMW M343354201728 Apr 22:59
Frank RasoTexas RegionGTS2BMW M313330 Apr 23:07
Kerry JamesGreat Lakes RegionGTS2BMW M344447741906 Apr 16:05
Brad KettlerRocky Mountain RegionGTS2BMW M374452608830 Apr 04:08
Richard BoscoTexas RegionGTS2Bmw M363514249006 Apr 16:16
Peter ChangTexas RegionGTS2BMW M388006200601 May 04:56
Greg SmithTexas RegionGTS2BMW 323I01895221006 Apr 11:13
zach hillmannGreat Lakes RegionGTS2Porsche 944 S3158327177106 Apr 17:48
Eric FossTexas RegionGTS2BMW 323is28387950830 Apr 17:37
Will ChoiceTexas RegionGTS2BMW 32577191247706 Apr 12:13
Steve DunnRocky Mountain RegionGTS2Porsche Boxster416479968905 Sep 13:54
Timothy CarmanCalifornia- Southern RegionGTS3BMW E36 M355452749306 Apr 09:25
Lee MatthewsTexas RegionGTS3BMW E36 M3180263401710 May 14:18
Dick HunterTexas RegionGTS3BMW 325is58208369306 Apr 12:15
Bill ChoiceTexas RegionGTS3BMW M3511320353606 Apr 12:11
Tyler ClarkeCalifornia- Northern RegionGTS3BMW M3 GTR111487537106 Apr 12:44
Rob WilliamsTexas RegionGTS3BMW M3 E4672378531706 Apr 16:21
Roberto CrescencioMid Atlantic RegionGTS3BMW M3727164058101 May 11:21
Steve DunnRocky Mountain RegionGTS3Porsche Boxster316340763506 Apr 11:07
Konstantinos KouretasGreat Lakes RegionGTS3BMW M3157602162506 Apr 12:09
Andy PriceTexas RegionGTS3BMW 325is211026004106 Apr 12:46
Jeff McGuinnessCalifornia- Northern RegionGTS3BMW M3167137927307 Apr 07:47
Ron BallardArizona RegionGTS4BMW E46 BMW97581901906 Apr 11:01
Vytis AranauskasGreat Lakes RegionGTS4BMW M399005438206 Apr 11:21
Michael McaleenanCalifornia- Northern RegionGTS4BMW GTR3843360306 Apr 09:15
Ralf LindackersGreat Lakes RegionGTS4BMW E46 M3'01036234207 Apr 14:35
John AllenRocky Mountain RegionGTS4Porsche 911777639135229 Jun 22:45
Ryan BradfieldMid Atlantic RegionHonda Chal 2Acura Integra37152865031 May 11:20
Brian ShanfeldGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic si17182864931 May 05:47
Lenny HongNortheast RegionHonda Chal 2Acura Integra219455874031 May 13:51
Ben LinfieldGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic33014427027 Apr 15:42
Holden MetznerMid Atlantic RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic137544392106 Apr 22:45
Thomas PauleCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 2BMW M357175588021 Aug 22:33
Morgan ZegerMid Atlantic RegionHonda Chal 2Acura Integra717412677610 Apr 23:54
Deren ArdingerMid Atlantic RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic Hatch111716806530 Apr 21:11
robert paszkiewiczSoutheast RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Integra 10736635426 Apr 09:08
Brad AdamsGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic12378997229 May 17:40
Samuel RothschildCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 2Honda CRX59184320230 May 19:25
2S83: Benny RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 2acura tsx80513591109 May 02:46
Jake KaminskisGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic Si21202883018 May 19:36
Kevin LeClairGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda S2000-Yellow79611528930 Apr 07:16
Zephyr BelskiNortheast RegionHonda Chal 2Acura Integra517021573501 May 03:45
Christopher MichaelsMid Atlantic RegionHonda Chal 2Acura Integra22534621120 Apr 08:05
Jeremy LucasGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda S200008163568827 Apr 09:17
Micheal YoungMid Atlantic RegionHonda Chal 2Acura Integra-R50120161930 Apr 18:02
Marcel DeKerpelCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4honda civic371528148024 May 15:29
TC McNettCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Honda Civic70249953902 May 13:15
Robert KriderCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra38915691506 Apr 09:13
Ryan FlahertyCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra28268418106 Apr 16:19
Ken AdelbergCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Honda Civic Si29136642230 May 12:07
1E1065: Beans & Dog RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4honda crx23041942215 May 04:47
Keith KramerCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra33709997706 Apr 09:16
Greg KarrCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Honda Civic26491205413 Jun 20:03
Mark AbouzeidCalifornia- Northern RegionNP01Elan NP0127933437406 Apr 09:23
Chad PlavanCalifornia- Southern RegionNP01Elan NP0102900232106 Apr 09:04
Sam MangiameliCentral RegionNP01Elan NP0148349021621 Aug 09:16
Alex WrightGreat Lakes RegionNP01Elan NP018338402706 Apr 11:42
Jeremy CroisetCalifornia- Southern RegionNP01Elan NP010128320906 Apr 07:19
James StraderTexas RegionNP01Elan Np010905 May 14:04
David StaabTexas RegionNP01Elan NP0128914251203 Aug 22:08
Francis HuCalifornia- Southern RegionNP01Elan NP0125872442706 Apr 16:56
Scott WagnerMid Atlantic RegionNP01elan np0123696998423 May 17:23
Dave BalingitSoutheast RegionNP01Elan NP0116759216206 Apr 23:01
Larry West Sr.Texas RegionPTDallison legacy monte carlo81708939008 Apr 02:22
Kit LeslieTexas RegionPTDAllison Legacy Thunderbird8204832720 Apr 18:27
Jose GarciaTexas RegionPTDMazda Miata21080031319 Apr 05:14
Joey ThomasMid Atlantic RegionPTDBMW 325is 61 752049227 Apr 12:43
Graham BakerTexas RegionPTDAllison Legacy37118908430 May 01:17
Marcel DeKerpelCalifornia- Southern RegionPTDhonda civic371528148024 May 15:29
1E1012: Abergel Motorsports California- Southern RegionPTEMazda Miata20574333130 Jun 04:04
2S767: Team Rotary HeadsCalifornia- Southern RegionPTEMazda Miata60253888101 May 06:41
Gian BowlesCalifornia- Southern RegionPTEMazda RX747141330801 Jun 05:28
Bob SchaderRocky Mountain RegionPTEmazda miata1230 May 15:38
Brett WestcottCentral RegionPTENissan NX2000155162041701 Jun 03:00
Robert DietzCalifornia- Southern RegionPTEMazda Miata41313033124 Apr 21:52
Roman VaismanCalifornia- Southern RegionPTESaturn SC2267925706 Apr 18:13
Chris KopitskiCentral RegionPTEmazda miata47351491314 Jun 06:44
Philippe PellerinSoutheast RegionSpec E30Bmw Se3032658232406 Apr 16:17
Sandro EspinosaSoutheast RegionSpec E30BMW 325232394602108 Apr 20:18
Sean QuinlanCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is22366805009 Apr 19:56
Olivier BellangerFlorida RegionSpec E30BMW 325i44586762701 May 01:22
James ColsonMid Atlantic RegionSpec E30BMW 325i13961169231 May 00:58
Eric PenningtonGreat Lakes RegionSpec E30Bmw 325i52567136501 Jun 02:27
Richard MontoniMid Atlantic RegionSpec E30BMW 325is1533673801 Jun 03:38
Nick ThiemannCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i3595621406 Apr 12:51
Corey SmithFlorida RegionSpec E30BMW 325i71734508730 Apr 18:12
Greg GomolkaCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30bmw spec e302056952029 Apr 11:51
Chris AllenNortheast RegionSpec E30BMW 325i477148611329 Apr 17:59
Larry FraserCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30bmw e3012473587621 Apr 03:57
Clay PearceTexas RegionSpec E30BMW 325is165112033730 Apr 02:47
Sylas MontgomeryCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW E3071X414516231 May 02:46
Brian EdmondsMid South RegionSpec E30BMW 325i28185835606 Apr 11:21
2S389: PLG RacingCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW E3044344035931 May 12:27
Rob EskewSoutheast RegionSpec E30bmw 325i134542717928 Apr 12:05
2S1008: Team Ed SukchaiCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW Spec E3066547288915 Jul 14:28
2S1006: Black Swan SearchCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i69226824106 Apr 20:55
Daniel GoldburgFlorida RegionSpec E30BMW 325is65805446006 Apr 22:04
Sean AronCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is33624978210 May 17:02
Chris CobettoMid Atlantic RegionSpec E30BMW e301473355219 Jun 14:22
Gavin BristowCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i51721384530 Jun 04:10
Cliff PearceGreat Lakes RegionSpec E30BMW 325is1991655055501 May 01:54
Charlie DiradourMid Atlantic RegionSpec E30BMW e30168429296719 Jul 09:50
Steven StepanianCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is28089725830 Apr 22:02
Tim BarberCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30Mazda Miata22406319620 Apr 20:57
Chris BeLieuCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is91858731306 Apr 10:10
Jason GriscavageMid Atlantic RegionSpec E30BMW 325is39210585230 Apr 01:18
Alex BarrosoSoutheast RegionSpec E30Bmw 325i125915604201 Jun 04:28
Oscar EdmondsMid South RegionSpec E30BMW 325i74246286506 Apr 11:22
Carlos MendezFlorida RegionSpec E30BMW 325i12 SP465143906 Apr 16:09
Benjamin KirkbrideCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is77029559006 Apr 17:07
Carter HuntMid Atlantic RegionSpec E30BMW 325i58199395202 May 01:10
Scott McKayFlorida RegionSpec E30BMW 3253970200701 May 01:07
Bennett McMickingCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is17492022306 Apr 17:17
Pat WelchTexas RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci28908780306 Apr 16:16
Shaun WebsterCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330I75463513706 Apr 18:20
Mark DrennanCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330 / SE4610466099531 Aug 02:42
Eric JohnsonTexas RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI18326113430 May 16:07
Jason FraserCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 33031907210831 May 22:10
Jason VeinCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci96775685428 Apr 15:22
Jeff BennettMid Atlantic RegionSpec E46BMW Spec E46514352228430 May 21:15
2S1053: ART Racing (S)California- Northern RegionSpec E46bmw e4660218798510 May 22:13
Chandler HullTexas RegionSpec E46BMW 330i463577866428 Apr 18:17
Tyler HarrellSoutheast RegionSpec E46BMW 330i722544670109 Apr 12:48
Mark AndrewsCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW SPEC E4650945849606 Apr 10:26
Andrew NewellCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI166567121625 Jul 08:06
Mark SundbergCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 33020013020731 May 22:15
Aristotle BaloghCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330i46871658510 May 22:15
Charles HurleyCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci95833741009 Jul 07:08
Paul PerkinsArizona RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata57314359106 Apr 16:09
Alex AlexanderTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata21421315006 Apr 16:13
Tony SeneseCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec Miatamazda miata51167055006 Apr 16:16
Matthew DirksRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata76456916306 Apr 16:19
Brian SiminskiTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata8392657806 Apr 16:21
Vinnie BarattaTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata58938963806 Apr 17:19
Christopher HaldemanTexas RegionSpec Miatamazda miata73125645006 Apr 18:08
phillip mccammonTexas RegionSpec Miatamazda miata411067395106 Apr 19:01
David L Henderson JrMid Atlantic RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata28151448006 Apr 21:53
Erik NemnichRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata1188293407 Apr 01:11
Taylor HaglerTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata77720481112 May 20:03
Jesse T. SingerFlorida RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata192586975408 Aug 17:16
Conner KelleherTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata06776655121 Aug 23:54
Graham DowneyCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata17185931530 Aug 16:37
Brian HendersonMid Atlantic RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata97487399906 Apr 10:06
Natalino ScappaticciGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata54536696228 Jun 04:38
Ben Rail (Teen SM)Texas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata144154016729 Apr 19:06
Keith WilliamsonSoutheast RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata64830066406 Apr 09:20
Carter J WhiteTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata0508098406 Apr 11:06
Austin NewmarkArizona RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata7109404106 Apr 09:17
Chris KopitskiCentral RegionSpec Miatamazda miata47550495306 Apr 12:36
Brett GabrielTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata04601716106 Apr 12:40
Jimmy MyersMid Atlantic RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata98468101806 Apr 17:36
Toby LinderTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata40025528910 Apr 21:57
Craig JanssenTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata33496086206 Apr 16:03
James HollowayCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMAZDA Miata532123668611 Apr 04:46
STANLEY COSPERNOLA RegionSpec Miatamazda miata53978772201 Aug 01:35
Hannah Grisham (TMC)California- Southern RegionSpec MiataMAZDA MIATA787749561530 Jul 13:44
Lee ThomasTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata24911873906 Apr 12:42
John HarmsTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda MX-585834612710 Apr 13:13
Danny Soufi (Teen SM)Texas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata10040237706 Apr 12:11
Ryan RobersonGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata44737960607 Apr 13:20
Steven PowersArizona RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata145712237830 Apr 10:03
Mike TraversRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata B32B641333306 Apr 16:17
Cole Ciraulo TMCCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata25993133106 Apr 10:14
Mike RossiniMid Atlantic RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata16398854613 Sep 15:13
Tim BarberCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata22406319613 Sep 21:18
Dennis HollowayCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata16161827409 Apr 16:47
Jamie ClosGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata02894697821 Aug 14:56
Christopher ShafferTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata31061582406 Apr 17:16
Samuel JohnsonTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata15361627406 Apr 18:53
Craig BerryTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata29055066911 Apr 19:37
David JohnsonTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata151132302921 May 17:56
Stephen JeuTexas RegionSpec MiataMAZDA Miata102638403106 Apr 12:59
Charley WilliamsRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata99113383117 Apr 11:44
Sean DouglassCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata27030024506 Apr 14:42
Zachary MunroRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata123654412408 Apr 02:09
Preston PardusFlorida RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata42876336406 Apr 13:31
James DragoMid South RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata2556897509 Apr 21:55
Renaud-Roland HubertCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata19272119112 Apr 15:06
Erik StearnsGreat Lakes RegionSpec Miatamazda miata19706 Aug 16:42
John SomnerNOLA RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata45993305222 Apr 13:56
Dan McKeeverUtah RegionSpec MiataMazda Spec Miata10157729306 Apr 11:11
Mario JacobellisRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata24x398266507 Apr 08:54
Taylor FerrantiTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata51421561006 Apr 10:20
Tyler QuanceTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata70857242606 Apr 17:54
Blake ClementsTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata56756762706 Apr 13:01
Nick SommersCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata83634798306 Apr 09:14
Peter Ensor (TMC)Mid Atlantic RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata4932240506 Apr 13:43
Ryan PondCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata211031207029 Apr 23:58
Danny SteynMid Atlantic RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata VVTR39035272806 Apr 13:41
Mikhael HaddadCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata92x792218907 Apr 20:40
Paul HohlbeinCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata11924552506 Apr 21:31
Mikey StephensRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata193119459631 Jul 15:48
Gale CorleyTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata11702045006 Apr 11:18
James HarrellSoutheast RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata78518990106 Apr 12:18
Jason ConnoleMid Atlantic RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata4112404306 Apr 12:08
Michael CummingsCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata90914185710 Apr 18:30
Brian MunroRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata00899783608 Apr 02:02
Justin CrickenbergerTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata72722993010 Apr 15:27
Brian ZurekTexas RegionSpec Miata Mazda Miata30742885612 Apr 17:42
Loni UnserRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata92304138824 Apr 02:47
Harry VoigtRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata121898929917 Apr 15:23
Danny SuterRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata6754015427 Apr 16:40
Alan StubblefieldTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata125319865309 Apr 08:55
Gregory C PorterTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata14444063229 Apr 20:19
Adam RobertsGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMAZDA MIATA37073705406 Apr 12:18
Trevor McCallionTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata90909136306 Apr 11:16
Justin CaseyCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata185458031006 Apr 11:29
Daniel WilliamsRocky Mountain RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata38515172306 Apr 10:37
Jason GriepentrogArizona RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata420111339906 Apr 18:16
Todd BurasFlorida RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata156322521309 Apr 21:56
Shehan ChandrasomaTexas RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata6001 Jul 11:06
Brian SmithUtah RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata53762079931 May 17:07
John BentonRocky Mountain RegionSpec ZNissan 350Z67753681825 Apr 14:50
Danny SuterRocky Mountain RegionSpec ZNissan 350Z219826602227 Apr 16:40
Richard FitzgeraldUtah RegionSpec ZNissan 350z 7217010217 May 23:03
Tom KaminskiUtah RegionSpec ZNissan 350z16712255124 Apr 20:36
Daniel WilliamsRocky Mountain RegionSpec ZNissan 350 Z1207351008 May 08:37
John CarverUtah RegionSpec ZNissan 350z6R557872126 Apr 02:22
Pete NormanRocky Mountain RegionSpec ZNissan 350Z3174288423 Apr 09:30
Mark BurtFlorida RegionSuper Touring 1Chevrolet Corvette22195556806 Apr 16:19
John AllenRocky Mountain RegionSuper Touring 1Porsche 911777639135214 Sep 14:53
Stuart MargolTexas RegionSuper Touring 1corvette tube218741827508 May 19:15
Michael McaleenanCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 1BMW GTR3843360306 Apr 09:16
2S174: JDP MotorsportsTexas RegionSuper Touring 1Chevrolet Corvette Z066652782106 Apr 18:14
Michael PerkinsTexas RegionSuper Touring 1Chevrolet Corvette ZO6117972410508 May 13:52
Brian GoldburgNortheast RegionSuper Touring 1Panoz GTS420100627406 Apr 12:19
Timothy BidwillArizona RegionSuper Touring 1Porsche GT3 Cup25677960206 Apr 16:21
Terry MathisSoutheast RegionSuper Touring 1Chevy Corvette z0671042990328 Apr 15:55
Brooks LealCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 1Porsche 911 GT3 Cup62776715407 Sep 20:48
Terry FreeTexas RegionSuper Touring 1Chevrolet Z06548731533406 Apr 16:15
Ryan RounkleTexas RegionSuper Touring 2Porsche GT344388723306 Apr 17:25
Jay MatusTexas RegionSuper Touring 2Porsche 996171871123407 Apr 00:35
2S684: .Northeast RegionSuper Touring 2Chevrolet Corvette Grand /Sport619503493107 Apr 09:44
Colin ElsberryArizona RegionSuper Touring 2Chevrolet Camaro Z2809523610806 Apr 14:19
Joe MohollandFlorida RegionSuper Touring 2chevy corvette33250771106 Apr 18:13
Colin CohenTexas RegionSuper Touring 2Audi TTRS104057151731 May 18:16
Tage EvansonArizona RegionSuper Touring 2Honda Civic17797170708 May 20:43
2S1232: CappelliRacing & Indotech Motorsports California- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Mazda Miata2531 Jul 10:44
Alan CohenNortheast RegionSuper Touring 2Cadillac CTS-V45711765106 Apr 19:50
Doug WinstonNortheast RegionSuper Touring 2Chevrolet Corvette Z063820627607 Apr 13:27
Drew WadolnyArizona RegionSuper Touring 2Ford Mustang Boss 30241214569206 Apr 09:19
Vic PizzinoCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2BMW E46333934506 Apr 11:17
Paul CooperTexas RegionSuper Touring 2Corvette C591509795806 Apr 19:58
Matthew ShawSoutheast RegionSuper Touring 2Porsche 944404822420006 Apr 17:09
Chris WynneArizona RegionSuper Touring 2Ford Mustang50533024824 Apr 16:36
Todd ClarkeCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 2BMW M3 10707 Apr 06:34
Russ TaylorCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Chevy Camaro Z2805214819406 Apr 16:18
Oli ThordarsonCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Chevrolet Z0622193101001 Jun 00:24
Chad GilsingerGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 2Acura NSX07892172724 Apr 13:31
2S776: Team Dangerous EnterprisesArizona RegionSuper Touring 2Nissan GT-R458134304129 Apr 10:16
LJ FOSTERCentral RegionSuper Touring 3Honda S200032723052331 May 03:58
Scott SmithCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 3BMW M33110609630 Jun 03:35
Justin BordonaroCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 3Mitsubishi Evo8589388027225 Apr 07:44
2S1049: Valkyrie Autosport GT-RCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 3Nissan GT-R2306 Apr 11:09
Luis GoncalvesGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 3Chevrolet Corvette2084020606 Apr 16:24
John HyerSoutheast RegionSuper Touring 3Chev Corvette126947295631 Jul 21:26
2S1233: Team Edge MVCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 3BMW M316857003401 Jun 04:32
Brian TurnerArizona RegionSuper Touring 3Porsche 91152426766207 Apr 13:58
Dennis HarrisTexas RegionSuper Touring 3Thunder Roadster Thunder Roadster125780980601 Jun 03:34
2S996: P-Squared MotorsportsArizona RegionSuper Touring 3BMW M369937707906 Apr 11:09
George SaldanaTexas RegionSuper Touring 3other thunder roadster89042397430 Jun 13:11
Sam PayneTexas RegionSuper Touring 3Nissan 370Z12266849931 May 00:15
King ShawSoutheast RegionSuper Touring 3Porsche Cayman12357373306 Apr 12:24
David SchotzArizona RegionSuper Touring 3Chevrolet Corvette75366591806 Apr 09:14
Andreas FuchsGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 3BMW M398266679607 Apr 09:03
Jay AndrewGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4Ford Mustang61201032908 May 16:26
Jeremy ButcherCentral RegionSuper Touring 4Porsche 9445168829813 May 17:06
William DowneyCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Honda Civic EG18911257031 Aug 05:32
Steve Wilson 18-0722California- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Legends Ford CoupeV8099669306 Apr 19:40
carmine paceFlorida RegionSuper Touring 4ford mustang123281167522 May 19:53
Martin TagliaviniCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4honda S20005819 Apr 09:12
Tiffany KellyCentral RegionSuper Touring 4Honda S2000680302931730 Apr 21:15
2S997: EDGE Motorworks'ntagenCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M336404069606 Apr 21:29
2S1039: Edge Motorworks (S)California- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M338857003425 Apr 14:46
Elliott FreireichArizona RegionSuper Touring 4SCCA SRF Gen33038321610 Aug 15:45
Andy KwitowskiCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M350224220012 Aug 14:52
2S1187: EDGE Motorworks MVCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M337321626206 Apr 09:20
Thomas AtteberryCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 4Porsche 944S91172424306 Apr 16:18
David FiorelliTexas RegionSuper Touring 4Subaru BRZ190488433706 Apr 16:19
Ian BarberiCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW E36 M374712147031 Aug 00:09
Todd BurasFlorida RegionSuper Touring 4Mazda Miata 156506743002 Aug 19:46
Jeffrey BirdwellGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M315540168927 Aug 12:46
Ricky JohnsonArizona RegionSuper Touring 4Mini Cooper S00121991706 Apr 16:17
Luis RiveraTexas RegionSuper Touring 4Mazda Miata73115842431 May 13:19
Matthew ParkGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4Nissan 350z290644143601 Jun 03:24
2S531: TEAM Dysen Pham || Deft Motion || Sakebomb GarageTexas RegionSuper Touring 4Honda S2000525674742929 Apr 20:01
Patrick KrollGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M361027436310 Apr 21:05
2S696: NEXEN Tire - Trackspec Autosports - Supertech - Motul USA (S)California- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Honda S200017750849520 May 12:14
Joshua AllanCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 4Mazda MX-527187062802 May 22:48
Will FaulesTexas RegionSuper Touring 5Honda S2000706 Apr 18:10
Bob PerrittGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 5bmw 325541114995728 Apr 21:05
Charles BuzzettiCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5Porsche 944908134470806 Apr 14:01
Kurt WasheimNortheast RegionSuper Touring 5Mini R-58 Coupe60993558529 Jun 22:53
Scott AdamsTexas RegionSuper Touring 5Acura Integra LS72801488604 Sep 15:39
2S1079: Team GreenbaumCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5Acura Integra28555121221 May 14:20
2S1090: Chameleon Racing *Central RegionSuper Touring 5mazda miata26493330707 Apr 19:29
Nik RomanoCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5Lexus IS30042658240023 May 18:53
James DevenportCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Unlimitednorma m20fc23420057816 Apr 17:05
Brian FaesslerGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedFord Mustang*018527382005 May 21:48
Tim RayTexas RegionSuper UnlimitedElan DP-0241211664031 Aug 13:29
Dean TurnbaughTexas RegionSuper UnlimitedWolf GB08SM4879704911 Apr 16:04
Rick EllisTexas RegionSuper UnlimitedChevrolet SS11145957306 Apr 18:11
Stephen DawesFlorida RegionSuper UnlimitedGinetta G57122787719530 Apr 20:16
Stephen DazetTexas RegionSuper UnlimitedHowe monte carlo44869287519 Apr 01:33
Tim RayTexas RegionSuper UnlimitedElan DP-0241211664030 Apr 17:04
Chris HamiltonTexas RegionSuper UnlimitedRadical SR354982873005 May 07:44
2S335: Davidson RacingCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper UnlimitedNorma M20F BMW17353710506 Apr 09:03
James IngramTexas RegionSuper UnlimitedNorma M20FC5265325906 Apr 16:06
Jon Van CaneghemCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedGinetta G577209179606 Apr 16:23
Firouz HaghighiTexas RegionSuper Unlimitedspeads RS07007663982019 Jul 14:45
Savanna LittleTexas RegionTT1Nissan 350z916460325708 Apr 01:35
Monsuru Tony IbraheemCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1BMW 13593440845606 Apr 09:18
Troy MesserTexas RegionTT1Chevrolet Corvette176903031606 May 11:47
Terry FreeTexas RegionTT1Chevrolet Z06548731533406 Apr 16:15
Cable RosenbergArizona RegionTT1Dodge Viper ACR39113197228 Apr 16:40
Derrin GriffinCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1Ford Mustang GT5128901631 Jul 23:44
Timothy BidwillArizona RegionTT1Porsche GT3 Cup25677960206 Apr 19:18
Jeremy CroisetCalifornia- Southern RegionTT2Elan NP010128320906 Apr 07:20
Tage EvansonArizona RegionTT2Honda Civic17797170708 May 20:43
Anthony imperatoTexas RegionTT2Ford Mustang GT52651350615 Jun 18:05
Brady FlahertyTexas RegionTT2Chevy Camaro92325 Jul 14:12
Walter SprangTexas RegionTT2Mazda MX-551309779007 Apr 04:38
scottie burroughCalifornia- Southern RegionTT2porsche gt32324 May 01:34
Leo AlexandreCalifornia- Southern RegionTT2Audi S4318387069605 May 17:32
Russ TaylorCalifornia- Southern RegionTT2Chevy Camaro Z2805214819406 Apr 16:18
Oli ThordarsonCalifornia- Southern RegionTT2Chevrolet Z0622193101001 Jun 00:24
Chet MoseleyTexas RegionTT2Chevrolet Corvette50340674630 Jun 19:52
Casey JonesTexas RegionTT2Chevy Corvette281788002513 Jun 16:41
2S1221: CTSV RacingNortheast RegionTT2Cadillac CTS-V45711765129 May 15:29
Kevin FennellTexas RegionTT2Lotus Exige S119858525630 Apr 11:31
Jason BegalkeArizona RegionTT2Porsche GT3440447425419 Jul 10:08
Joel MorrisonSoutheast RegionTT3Honda s200071523906530 Apr 22:35
2S996: P-Squared MotorsportsArizona RegionTT3BMW M369937707906 Apr 18:09
Team VorshlagTexas RegionTT3Ford Mustang18134105 31 Jul 08:31
Chase JohnstonTexas RegionTT3Honda S3200100470304301 Jun 15:23
2S1233: Team Edge MVCalifornia- Northern RegionTT3BMW M316857003401 Jun 04:32
Brian TurnerArizona RegionTT3Porsche 91152426766207 Apr 13:58
Bruce MowryTexas RegionTT3BMW M3141988046830 Apr 22:14
Paul CostasTexas RegionTT3GSpeed Corvette61169364507 Aug 15:14
Herve BezardCalifornia- Southern RegionTT3BMW M357655464507 Apr 03:30
Adam BaltutisTexas RegionTT3Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X60377309401 Jul 15:33
2S322: Team SchotzArizona RegionTT3Chevrolet Corvette75366591806 Apr 11:25
2S1039: Edge Motorworks (S)California- Northern RegionTT4BMW M338017568425 Apr 21:46
RG (Jerry) SarsfieldGreat Lakes RegionTT4Ford Focus RS413965791017 Jul 17:43
2S1187: EDGE Motorworks MVCalifornia- Northern RegionTT4BMW M337321626225 Apr 10:15
Art KurshudianTexas RegionTT4BMW 13546495066030 Jun 21:05
Jason JonesTexas RegionTT4Scion FR-S86606 Apr 13:39
Jeff HughesTexas RegionTT4BMW M3127439007006 Apr 11:20
Michael SmithTexas RegionTT4Nissan 350z Nismo45222418906 Apr 09:17
Dayton de la HoussayeNOLA RegionTT4Nissan 350z51861812730 Jul 21:18
Ricky JohnsonArizona RegionTT4Mini Cooper S00121991706 Apr 16:18
2S997: EDGE Motorworks'ntagenCalifornia- Northern RegionTT4BMW M336404069623 Apr 19:00
Joshua AllanCalifornia- Southern RegionTT4Mazda MX-527187062803 May 05:48
Jeffrey BirdwellGreat Lakes RegionTT4BMW M315540168906 Sep 15:16
Michael NeumanGreat Lakes RegionTT5BMW 318i114142200711 Sep 08:45
Scott AdamsTexas RegionTT5Acura Integra LS72801488604 Sep 15:39
Paul HancockCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5BMW M374320949306 Apr 10:22
Fulton HaightCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5BMW M37371622107 Apr 08:07
Mark PhillipsGreat Lakes RegionTT5Honda S2000'044098200431 May 13:25
Bryce KliewerRocky Mountain RegionTT5BMW 330i ZHP33772459731 Jul 18:19
Richard SoukhavongTexas RegionTT5Honda S2000121494418330 Apr 17:23
2S1079: Team GreenbaumCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5BMW M377154889921 May 21:20
2S880: Chameleon RacingCentral RegionTT5mazda miata26493330707 Apr 19:29
John WallaceTexas RegionTT5Honda S2000119544664106 Apr 17:12
Will FaulesTexas RegionTT5Honda S2000706 Apr 18:10
Sean TretiakCalifornia- Southern RegionTTDscion frs186231356809 Apr 03:47
Pramesh RupareliaCalifornia- Southern RegionTTDToyota Celica18597309130 Jun 23:47
Marcelo VineCalifornia- Southern RegionTTDPorsche 944959629907 Sep 14:47
2S718: Offset MotorwerksCalifornia- Southern RegionTTDbmw 325i210041563827 Apr 10:30
Jack CobettoMid Atlantic RegionTTDBMW 325i1473355213 Sep 21:21
2S767: Team Rotary HeadsCalifornia- Southern RegionTTEMazda Miata60253888101 May 06:41
Austin CobbTexas RegionTTEMazda Miata36866837806 Apr 17:32
David WhitenerTexas RegionTTEMazda Miata99723380321 Apr 11:53
Gian BowlesCalifornia- Southern RegionTTEMazda RX747141330806 Sep 15:17
Roman VaismanCalifornia- Southern RegionTTESaturn SC2267925706 Apr 18:13
Xavier CalderonMid Atlantic RegionTTEMazda Miata9035969430 May 00:03
1E1012: Abergel Motorsports California- Southern RegionTTEMazda Miata20574333130 Jun 04:04
Chris KopitskiCentral RegionTTEmazda miata47351491306 Apr 12:36
Ryan FlahertyCalifornia- Southern RegionTTUAcura Integra28268418106 Apr 16:19
2S1053: ART Racing (S)California- Northern RegionTTUbmw e4660218798511 May 05:13
Jon Van CaneghemCalifornia- Southern RegionTTUGinetta G577209179606 Apr 16:23
Aristotle BaloghCalifornia- Northern RegionTTUBMW 330i97871658511 May 05:15
Brian FaesslerGreat Lakes RegionTTUFord Mustang*018527382005 May 21:48
2S388: Rattlesnake Electric Sport - Electric (RES-TTU) #51California- Northern RegionTTURadical SRe51ev306195408 Aug 01:19
TC McNettCalifornia- Southern RegionTTUHonda Civic70249953902 May 13:15
Mike ReaSoutheast RegionThunderRoadsterThunder Roadster GT Roadster314828299630 Apr 23:30
Carl DilleyFlorida RegionThunderRoadster600 racing GP Roadster174967952701 May 00:41
Phillip GehlhausenGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadsterThunder Roadster210818858017 Apr 22:15
David Standridge 18-0241California- Northern RegionThunderRoadsterThunder Roadster85308427828 Apr 15:11
Gary TinkerSoutheast RegionThunderRoadster600 racing GT ROADSTER211637803430 Apr 13:24
Tom ByrnsGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadsterINEX Thunder Roadster62242532730 May 14:37
Jason OehlerGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadsterThunder Roadster74537087009 Apr 10:39
Glenn SchattmanFlorida RegionThunderRoadsterThunder roadster GT5S340893225128 Apr 08:37
Brian BohlanderGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadsterBBR Thunder Roadster122454834128 Apr 22:53
Greg ShieldsSoutheast RegionThunderRoadster600RA GTR58353580406 Apr 17:54
John SpainSoutheast RegionThunderRoadsterSuzuki GP Roadster47176576330 Apr 07:08