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Entry List for #2947: Jun 22nd - 23rd, 2019


Gingerman Raceway

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RegionClassCarCar #Tx #
Andrew YarmanGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW M39
Andrew WorkGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic1027906903
Christopher WilliamsGreat Lakes RegionSpec IronFord Mustang556499877
James WheelerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Caterham 7 Superlight5
Chris WeberGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Ford Focus7771812061
Michael WeberGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata71008209
Rich WagnerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Ford Mustang9
Gene VantlukaGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Ford Shelby GT 350164
Charles TuckerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Porsche GT42
Kevin TrandelGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Mazda Miata74N/A
Aaron SpiegelGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata421824472
Scott SpearGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata73
Andrew SellersGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata181994138
Charles SansoneGreat Lakes RegionTT4Ford Mustang265062716
Mike PruntyGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW M2359
John PoppenhouseGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata5042436511
Adam PierceGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Chevy Camaro7
Mark PhillipsGreat Lakes RegionTT5Honda S2000'0440982004
Eric PenningtonGreat Lakes RegionSpec E30Bmw 325i525671365
Keith PatrickGreat Lakes RegionTT6Mazda Miata'0219052042
Nick OwensGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda RX-83567695747
Jason OehlerGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster745370870
Derek MortlandGreat Lakes RegionGroup LeaderFord Mustang358856161
Robert MazurekGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 5Acura RSX Type S836397348
Brian MartinGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Chevrolet Corvette12
Tony MarchellettaGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Subaru STI66
Steven MackayGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Porsche Boxster95
Christina LosinieckiGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata73
Mark LosinieckiGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda Miata773
Andrew LeVesqueGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2BMW M322
Travis LeeGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata20
Justin LeeGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Mazda Miata3
John LaughhunnGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Ford Mustang6
Chip KunklerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Mazda Miata31
Bill Kowalewski-BarreraGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda Miata6460271851
Dariusz KomanGreat Lakes RegionTT4Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X0120930764
Stuart KillianGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata7075665874
Steven KillianGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata7172658078
Kathi JorgensenGreat Lakes RegionRegistrationAudi RS5000
Mac JohnsonGreat Lakes RegionTiming & ScoringChevrolet Corvette Z061
mike jobeGreat Lakes RegionCompetition Licensechev corvette815
mike jobeGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 2chev corvette815
Walter JalowieczGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Subaru BRZ21
Dan HowardGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata1033669295
Brian HollahanGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW E46 M345
Jeff HalvorsonGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Porsche GT340
Lauri Haase-SumlinGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Mazda Speed Protege327
Ana GuerreroGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Mazda Miata7
William GriffinGreat Lakes RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci1163372205
Luis GoncalvesGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 3Chevrolet Corvette20840206
Matt GiuffreGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 944152
Chad GilsingerGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 2Acura NSX078921727
Phillip GehlhausenGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster2108188580
Chris Fries Sr.Great Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4BMW 328i'042303387
Nolan FeathersGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Acura Integra275192820
Robert EllisGreat Lakes RegionGroup LeaderVolkswagen Scirocco29440608
ERIC DOUBLEGreat Lakes RegionTT6MAZDA MIATA13TX 2210096
Jordan DoschGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseFord Mustang22
Jordan DoschGreat Lakes RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang22
Shane DenneyGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6porsche 944575689602
Robert CollinsGreat Lakes RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang1180856595
Robin BurnettGreat Lakes RegionGroup LeaderFord Mustang201057373
Brian BohlanderGreat Lakes RegionSeries LeaderBBR Thunder Roadster224548341
David BoboltzGreat Lakes RegionTT6Subaru Impreza 2.5i4143510925
Curtis BaldwinGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedMazda MightyMiata LS3 7142159343
Christopher ArmbrusterGreat Lakes RegionTT6Mazda Miata1255949066
John AllenGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata'0022664442