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Entry List for #2947: Jun 22nd - 23rd, 2019


Gingerman Raceway

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List by Group
DriverRegionCarCar #Tx #
James EberlinGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 9441173076281
Michael CooperGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 944 SPEC108752429
Sean FoltzGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 944592651936
Matt GiuffreGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 9441521983727
Derrek MoreheadGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 944727038589
2S1346: Team Pina-BrewsterGreat Lakes Region944 SpecPorsche 9449199406454
Robert CollinsGreat Lakes RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang1180856595
Todd DavisGreat Lakes RegionAmerican IronBuick GNX3696084667
Michael BarringtonGreat Lakes RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang'06
Jeffrey HendersonGreat Lakes RegionAmerican Iron XtremeFord R19 Saleen Mustang190998768
John JungGreat Lakes RegionAmerican Iron XtremeFord Mustang1247216948
John EilerGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race Car600 racing Thunder Roadster116573001
Ben von FischerGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarBMW M32285061956
Michael DearstyneGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarBMW 330117956385
Dan MountGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarMazda Miata549235305
Seth PalatnikGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarDodge Viper Competition Coupe335989332
Ray SweersGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarDodge Viper446758537
John JungGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarFord Mustang1247216948
Ray SweersGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarDodge VIPER540883403
Michael BarringtonGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarFord Mustang'06
Kent OwensGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarPontiac Trans Am300615811
ALEJANDRO DELLA-TORREGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarMazda Miata770454584
Roy MahanyGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Race CarFord Mustang/Cobra7552669045
David BoboltzGreat Lakes RegionAnnual - Time Trial CarSubaru Impreza 2.5i4123510925
David AlgozineGreat Lakes RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro126762159
Marshall MooreGreat Lakes RegionCMCFord Mustang GT*0393717753
Daniel MajewskiGreat Lakes RegionCMCFord Mustang561578668
Timothy BennettGreat Lakes RegionCMCPontiac Firebird705251183
John BrodyGreat Lakes RegionCMCFord Mustang GT530466593
Neil BartkowiakGreat Lakes RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro2215523799
Derek WrightGreat Lakes RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro9134725840
Peter LoftusGreat Lakes RegionCMCPontiac Firebird1358350743
John KelchenGreat Lakes RegionCMCChevrolet Camaro 452511956
Kent OwensGreat Lakes RegionCMCPontiac Trans Am300615811
Dan MountGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseMazda Miata549235305
George LongoGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseBMW Spec E30872579755
ALEJANDRO DELLA-TORREGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseMazda Miata770454584
Ron AcordGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseHonda Civic12
Chris BearyGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseBMW M3021099152
Cameron ReveletteGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseFord Mustang15
Mike CooperGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseMazda Miata1672715541
James WheelerGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseThunder Roadster196378034
Louis ChatroopGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseBMW E46 M3263788941
John EilerGreat Lakes RegionCompetition License600 racing Thunder Roadster116573001
Brandon WilsonGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseHonda S200042
Jordan FimpleGreat Lakes RegionCompetition LicenseMazda Miata44
Melanie GrossmanGreat Lakes RegionControlChevrolet Camaro13
Janet SchusterMid South RegionControlChevrolet Corvette27
zach hillmannGreat Lakes RegionGTS2Porsche 944 S31583271771
Konstantinos KouretasGreat Lakes RegionGTS2BMW M31576021625
Ben von FischerGreat Lakes RegionGTS2BMW M32285061956
Zach AbuOmarGreat Lakes RegionGTS2BMW M31881584690
Luke PerkowskiGreat Lakes RegionGTS2BMW M31893879944
Kerry JamesGreat Lakes RegionGTS2BMW M3444477419
Chris BearyGreat Lakes RegionGTS4BMW M3021099152
Ryan UphamGreat Lakes RegionGTS4BMW M3138548715
Adam RobertsGreat Lakes RegionGroup LeaderHonda Crx'03805060
Zach CameronGreat Lakes RegionHPDE-1Infiniti G35X831
Ana GuerreroGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Mazda Miata7
John LaughhunnGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Ford Mustang6
Leslie UrffGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Mazda Miata37
Aziza PuskarGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Subaru WRX STI124
David RundtGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Honda Civic72
Doug CorneliusGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Ford Mustang50
Christian HarlosGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Mazda Miata3
Mike StreetGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1BMW 330ci 85
Sara CorneliusGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Ford Mustang51
CHUANYI TANGGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1HONDA S200028
David BirchGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Mazda Miata74
Minghao ZhangGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Subaru BRZ712
Jeffrey AntonelliGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Porsche 911071
Diane JobeGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1chev corvette81
Nathan ZhaoGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Porsche Boxster61
John YeGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE183
Paul TownsendGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Chevrolet Cobalt57
Steve PalmoreGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Chevrolet Corvette11
Ryan McDonaldGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Ford Mustang Shelby GT35014
Megan BrobeckGreat Lakes RegionHPDE1Chevrolet Camaro23
Walter JalowieczGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Subaru BRZ21
Matthias Jamison-KoenigGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Chevrolet Camaro Z28350
Brian GibbsGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Mazda Miata 93
Claude LawrenceGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Acura TL26
Andrew LeVesqueGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2BMW M395
Kevin LuoGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Mazda Miata15
Adam PierceGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Chevy Camaro7
James HorineGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2BMW M369
Roy KetheGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2BMW 335i212
Steve DoteGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2BMW 1352
Mike LearyGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Infiniti G3576
Fuad PuskarGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Subaru WRX STI67
Adam FaulknerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Acura Integra698
Daniel CummingsGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2MG Midget60
Doug GoodmanGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Subaru BRZ95
Chip KunklerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Mazda Miata31
Kristopher ThorGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2BMW m235i11
Wayne TetlowGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Dodge Dart9
Tim FokineGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Mazda Miata737
Szymon GazeckiGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2Porsche Cayman25
Tim KonradGreat Lakes RegionHPDE2BMW 330 i117
Scott SpearGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata73
Andrew YarmanGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW M39
Alex SmithCentral RegionHPDE3BMW 135i99
Joseph PurpuraGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Honda Civic Si410
Thomas MarlowSoutheast RegionHPDE3BMW M3771
Adam NelsonGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3WRX Limited99
Steven SpaldingGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Ford Mustang78
Marlon SumlinGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Speed Protege327
Pushkar JoshiGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Scion FRS861
Gene VantlukaGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Ford Shelby GT 350164
Kevin TrandelGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata74N/A
Todd CheckleyGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Porsche 94484
Nick GrossmanGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Chevrolet Camaro14
Taras MelnychukGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Chevrolet Corvette300
Nazariy PetrakhGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Lexus ISF236
Viktor BabiyGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Lexus IS-F237
David WestenbergerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW 330ci'09
Christopher HeinzenGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Chevrolet Corvette346
Nathan YanikovGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata303
Ryan PawloskiGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Ford GT350057
JP PreisingerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Chevrolet Corvette77
Kameron CaldwellGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Nissan 350z716
jim weaverGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3porsche 944n/a50
Beau AdamsGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Porsche Boxster986
Sean LudlowGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata420
Alexander KahlGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW 135i135
Benjamin HircheGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW 330Ci179
Jason LudlowGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata196
derek kingGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Nissan 350z86
Rich WagnerGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Ford Mustang91
Jacob LangGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Honda Civic12
Anton ZavalkoGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Honda S2000 92
Lauri Haase-SumlinGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda 2925
Brian HollahanGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3BMW E46 M3145
Dustin CrooksGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Mazda Miata'00
Steven MackayGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3Porsche Cayman95
Tom HeimannGreat Lakes RegionHPDE3subaru sti80
Eric KuhnsGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Porsche Cayman99
Jerry SchadGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Chevy Corvette11
Sarunas BrazdeikisGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4BMW M3425
Michael TraskGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Mazda Miata78
Tommy PallojGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Honda S2000917
Nigel WishartGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Ford Mustang911
Jeff HalvorsonGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Porsche GT340
Norah GuequierreGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4BMW M336
Justin LeeGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Mazda Miata3
Tony MarchellettaGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Subaru STI66
Christopher HerbstGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Chevrolet Corvette Z060066927349
Michael DearstyneGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4BMW 330117956385
Brendon McCuneGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4VW Jetta37
Brandon WilsonGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Honda S200042
Matthew EricksonGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Chevrolet Corvette15
Joel RosenbacherGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Porsche 911 Turbo S5
Arthur SoltysGreat Lakes RegionHPDE4Porsche Cayman GT414
2S1381: TEAM WMD Great Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Acura Integra GS-R'0228381398
Andrew WorkGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic1027906903
Brad AdamsGreat Lakes RegionHonda Chal 2Honda Civic123789972
Curtis LawrenceGreat Lakes RegionHyperdriveDodge Challenger1
Joey PollakGreat Lakes RegionInstructorMazda Mx5771
Paul RadeyGreat Lakes RegionPit & GridFord Mustang V6'038
Kyle BurkhardtGreat Lakes RegionRace DirectorVW GTI'0121483946
Kent OwensGreat Lakes RegionRace DirectorPontiac Trans Am300615811
Kathi JorgensenGreat Lakes RegionRegistrationAudi RS5000
Bryan LingruenGreat Lakes RegionSpec E30Bmw 325is 431860731
George LongoGreat Lakes RegionSpec E30BMW Spec E30872579755
Cliff PearceGreat Lakes RegionSpec E30BMW 325is916550555
Eric PenningtonGreat Lakes RegionSpec E30Bmw 325i525671365
Steve PrudenGreat Lakes RegionSpec E46BMW 330Ci284170059
William GriffinGreat Lakes RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci463372205
Steve ReveletteGreat Lakes RegionSpec IronFord Mustang1286651876
Chris PriceGreat Lakes RegionSpec IronFord Mustang327433515
Christopher WilliamsGreat Lakes RegionSpec IronFord Mustang556499877
Cameron ReveletteGreat Lakes RegionSpec IronFord Mustang158358685
Robin BurnettGreat Lakes RegionSpec IronFord Mustang201057373
Bruce MyrehnGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata933030998
Ralf LindackersGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata58803970
Travis LeeGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata600607335
Will DoddGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata111102125
Ryan RobersonGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata447379606
Richard StricklandGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata667832557
Dan MountGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata549235305
ALEJANDRO DELLA-TORREGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata770454584
John PoppenhouseGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata5042436511
Scott DennewitzGreat Lakes RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata1991277421
Mike JobeGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 1chev corvette8154858368
Nick SmitherGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 2Ford GT350R582664192
Chad GilsingerGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 2Acura NSX*078921727
Ray FreundtGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 2Chevrolet Corvette2186776990
Greg VannucciCentral RegionSuper Touring 2Lotus Exige251405638
Anthony MagagnoliGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 2Shelby Mustang GT3509419089145
Luis GoncalvesGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 3Chevrolet Corvette2x0840206
Brian BorshoffGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 3Pro Challange race car801869034
Andreas FuchsGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 3BMW M3982666796
Gareth CampbellGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4Honda Civic LX204002843
Ronald WilliamsGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4subaru wrx1232669707
Louis ChatroopGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4BMW E46 M3263788941
Woody HeimannGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4Scion Frs828212009
2S1180: Hartman RacingGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3155401689
Matthias SchaubGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M32307268649
Chris Fries Sr.Great Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4BMW 328i'042303387
Matthew ParkGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4Nissan 350z2906441436
Nicholas Simon IVGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 4VW GTI'0062671464
Robert MazurekGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 5Acura RSX Type S396397348
2S1422: Midwest Miata PartsGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata4443536481
CAGRI YILMAZGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata1005425516
Jon M. CindricGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata8 4714888
Kyle BurkhardtGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6VW GTI'0121483946
Aaron SpiegelGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata421824472
Stuart KillianGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata7075665874
Michael WeberGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata71008209
Steven KillianGreat Lakes RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata7172658078
Ray SweersGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedDodge Viper4416758537
Jim CunningGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedSaker RapX58782722
Dave PfauGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedSaker GT60 2785726
Paul ChovazGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedSaker GT44X9309786
Michael BagnoliGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedSpeads RS1189149952
Curtis BaldwinGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedV8 Roadsters Coupe 7142159343
Seth PalatnikGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedDodge Viper Competition Coupe335989332
Danny MoonGreat Lakes RegionSuper UnlimitedSaker GT117066744
Gabe GutierrezGreat Lakes RegionTT1Ford FP350S0429344664
Martin MonahanGreat Lakes RegionTT1Mazda Miata1752598884
Stu JonesGreat Lakes RegionTT3BMW Z4M272614253
John AlfiniGreat Lakes RegionTT3Porsche Cayman S1276613372
Paul RadeyGreat Lakes RegionTT3Porsche 96838
Andrew BakunGreat Lakes RegionTT3Porsche 944 Turbo'0865393263
Dan WesterwickGreat Lakes RegionTT3Ford Mustang GT4114534917
Charles SansoneGreat Lakes RegionTT4Ford Mustang265062716
Shane GorskiGreat Lakes RegionTT4Lotus Elise3638824042
John HowardGreat Lakes RegionTT4Honda S2000983743614
Dariusz KomanGreat Lakes RegionTT4Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X0120930764
Jason RemleyGreat Lakes RegionTT4Ford Mustang3508150142
2S1180: Hartman RacingGreat Lakes RegionTT4BMW M3155401689
Derek MortlandGreat Lakes RegionTT4Ford Mustang358856161
Nick OwensGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda RX-83567695747
John SantiagoGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda RX-8'0104718556
Mark PhillipsGreat Lakes RegionTT5Honda S2000'0444449889
Jon M. CindricGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda Miata8 4714888
Mark LosinieckiGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda Miata773
Bill Kowalewski-BarreraGreat Lakes RegionTT5Mazda Miata6460271851
Jordan HillGreat Lakes RegionTT5Scion FRS7783956840
Mike CooperGreat Lakes RegionTT6Mazda Miata1672715541
Andrew JanosikGreat Lakes RegionTT6Mazda Miata123
2S1418: Team Dan HowardGreat Lakes RegionTT6mazda miata4452664442
David BoboltzGreat Lakes RegionTT6Subaru Impreza 2.5i4123510925
2S377: Team WeberGreat Lakes RegionTT6Mazda Miata71008209
ERIC DOUBLEGreat Lakes RegionTT6MAZDA MIATA132210096
Keith PatrickGreat Lakes RegionTT6Mazda Miata'0219052042
Christopher ArmbrusterGreat Lakes RegionTT6Mazda Miata1255949066
Robert EllisGreat Lakes RegionTTUMG MGB1081722868
2S139: VM RacingCentral RegionTTULotus Exige251405638
Martin DerryGreat Lakes RegionTTURadical SR33219450062
Vytis AranauskasGreat Lakes RegionTTUBMW M3990054382
Clifton ChingGreat Lakes RegionTTUHonda S2000931009301
John AllenGreat Lakes RegionTTUMazda Miata1012664442
Mike WachmenkoGreat Lakes RegionTTURadical SR39268149173
Ron WilliamsGreat Lakes RegionTTUFord Mustang1423198062
Chuck ReigelspergerGreat Lakes RegionTechMazda Miata62
Rob DemorestGreat Lakes RegionTechAcura Integra7103542552
Corinne PartuschGreat Lakes RegionTechSubaru Outback014
Brian BohlanderGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadster GTRBBR Thunder Roadster224548341
James WheelerGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster196378034
Phillip GehlhausenGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster2108188580
John EilerGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadster GTR600 racing Thunder Roadster11X6573001
Jason OehlerGreat Lakes RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster745370870
Josip FijackoGreat Lakes RegionTiming & ScoringVW TiguanBK58696
Terry RisteenGreat Lakes RegionTiming & ScoringLexus rx350000
Terry RisteenGreat Lakes RegionTiming & ScoringLexus rx350000
Mac JohnsonGreat Lakes RegionTiming & ScoringChevrolet Corvette Z061
Vytis AranauskasGreat Lakes RegionTransponderBMW M3990054382
Michael BarringtonGreat Lakes RegionTransponderFord Mustang'06
Andrew JanosikGreat Lakes RegionTransponderMazda Miata123
Jami AkinsGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerhonda s2000917
Crystal DemorestGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerHonda Civic71
Brad HendrixGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerDodge DurangoNa
Joshuah BraunGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerHonda Civic1
Daria FrameGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerHonda Civic1
Tamara HendrixGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerDodge DurangoNa
Tyler ChantrenneGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerChevorlet Corvette30
Nick ZabolockyGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerAcure Integra105
Beau AdamsGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerPorsche Boxster986
Ian McCartyGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerScion Frs322
Jason BlairGreat Lakes RegionVolunteerChevy Ss16