National Auto Sport Association
  Pit Assignments for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill  

In order to accommodate the entire field, the pit spaces need to be shared. Each team will have 10 feet of cold pit space. Pit stops should be coordinated with neighboring teams. Unfortunately, the facility is short on pit spaces, so sharing of hot pit space is required.

Diagram #1 shows the relative positions of assigned paddock support area for each team with respect to the cold pit space.

Diagram #2 shows the detail of the cold pit space. (Note- no more gravel & dirt.  The whole area is now paved.)

Diagram #3 shows the pit space numbering system. Spaces A, B, C, D, E, and F are taken. Teams should email Louise Sousoures to request a numbered space or an Area (Area 1, Area 2, or Area 3). Also, they should specify which teams that would like to pit with, how many cars total and how many spaces they would like. We will do our best to accommodate each team. Additionally, please note that the East side of the paddock adjacent to the pitlane is not available to anyone except the space that they are allocated. The center and West side of the paddock is completely open. This means that each team will be allotted at least one paddock support area of 10’ x130’ in addition to some more paddock space elsewhere in the paddock. That will be on a first-come first serve basis, and will be subject to approval from NASA officials. Also note that NASA reserves the right adjust assigned pits spaces at any time.