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The SE-R Cup Series was created to meet the needs of Import Coupe racers looking for a series specifically tailored to accommodate modified vehicles that are currently relegated to racing in Unlimited or Spec-limited classes. This class is designed to field an affordable and evenly matched group of Nissan sports compacts and will unify fields of cars that currently race in other sanctioning organizations. This large field/open modification concept will provide racers and vendors access to a promotional and racing vehicle containing similarly prepared and appearing cars that can run nearly unlimited aftermarket-created configurations.

This series was designed to showcase the massive improvements that careful suspension, brake, and chassis modifications can make to these amazingly popular cars and provide a spectator show for fans of these cars that is second to none. The Series offers competitors two classes, SE-R Cup (SR) and SE-R Cup Extreme (SRX). In order to control costs and encourage close competition, the SR class has a 15:1 weight-to-power ratio, a tire limitation, and other restrictions placed on the cars. For drivers that wish to race in less restricted format, SRX is a "sky's the limit" class, where turbo monsters rule the track.

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