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Register #3624: Jul 24th - 25th, 2021

Crossover Event at Barber Motorsports Park hosted by Mid South Region

Barber Motorsports Park

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Attention NASA Drivers

Mid South Region has invited NOLA Region members to their event at Barber Motorsports Park in July. As an incentive to attend, the Barber Event will count for NOLA Regional Points. Under the NOLA Points System all races count and there are no drops. Click here for the registration link: 

You may order a rental transponder or a NASA Nola T-shirt on this registration page, however to register for this event you must go to the Mid South Region event registration site.

Please note that NOLA Motorsports Park is requiring that all drivers in HPDE and TT wear long pants. This change is effective immediately. 

For photos from the June NASA Nola Event, contact Chris Pohlig via his website at:

We would also like to thank our 2021 Race Series Sponsors for helping to make these events possible.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or if you spot any discrepancies in the results. 

John Crosby
Regional Director

Registration is closed for this event!